December Newsletter Post for those who aren’t on the mailing list yet!

I’m writing this the day after Christmas because despite my best intentions, the holiday and “end-of-year overwhelm” got the best of me in 2023 and the “Newsletter Fairy” did not show up to produce it for me. Can anyone else relate? We often try to cram so much into the space between Halloween and New Year’s Eve that we feel rushed, anxious, and less joyful than we could. Not wanting to feel that way anymore, I’ve decided that 2024 is my year to focus on what makes me feel good and what helps the community around me the most. When we show up as the best, most comfortable, less-stressed versions of ourselves, we automatically add positively to the world around us.

Being in alignment allows us to give grace to our kids, ourselves, and strangers (less road rage!), to not compare ourselves to others, to say a polite “no” when we really don’t have the bandwidth (or sometimes the interest) in doing something, to set healthy boundaries that allow relationships to be good over tense, and to communicate clearly and politely what we mean and what we need. Can imagine a world where everyone was growing more comfortable with all of these things, including teens? I can and it’s glorious! Cue the angels singing!

With this being said, I’m offering some new additions to my coaching practice, Mindful Health and Harmony LLC. I’ve traditionally focused on 1:1 coaching of tweens and teens the last three years but recently I’ve been getting more requests from stressed moms and dads who need some parenting strategies, families who want better harmony at home, and kids who really need to learn better communication skills since we all know that devices are killing face-to-face, real-time confidence in conversations.

My signature four-week group C4: Calm + Connection + Communication = Confidence was launched in December and it was an immediate hit! Since everyone is busy (and because kids are still working on their confidence in group settings) I have decided the best way forward with C4 is to have kids who already know each other (a little or a lot!) do them together; that way moms can take turns carpooling to my home office and the kids will open up better together since there is already a level of familiarity. Please contact me for more information or if you want to organize a C4 group: when you put a group together, you’ll get a reduced rate and an extra private session with me. These can be for middle school or high school girls (although I prefer not to mix them due to maturity differences) and can even be done over ZOOM if you aren’t in the Raleigh area.

Please reach out if you have interest in 1:1 coaching for your tween/teen/college student, family coaching, parent coaching, or would like to participate in an ongoing Moms Group. I can be reached via email at

Wishing you all the excitement and hope that a new year can bring and hoping that Mindful Health and Harmony can be a part of your family’s growth.

Be well,