Meet Marianne 

I worked with tweens, teens and young adults for over three decades as a music educator before shifting to the health and wellness space around 2015. It was a gradual shift that began with me noticing that kids weren’t as confident, curious, or joyful and leading to me earning certifications in health coaching, life coaching, social emotional learning, and meditation and mindfulness. I’m currently studying Family Life Education and Coaching at North Carolina State University so I can serve my clients even better.

My C4 Program guides clients through what I believe to be the four most important areas of personal growth and development: 

  • Calm: Stress Management Techniques and strategies that allow focus
  • Connection:  Making friends and developing relationships in person, working with all types of people, having the courage to put oneself out there.
  • Communication:  Saying what you mean and asking for what you need, clearly and kindly. Understanding boundaries and knowing others’ boundaries too.
  • Confidence: Knowing that one will do his/her best and that the outcome is OK, whatever that may be. Learning to be resilient and trying again with new information.

A few fun facts about me:

I learned to read music before I learned to read words!

I am a proud Michigan State University graduate. GO GREEN!

I love sports of all kinds – watching and playing.

I never met a dog I didn’t want to love on, especially golden retrievers.

I find pennies and see repeating numbers all the time – my energy game is strong!



I invite you to learn more about my education and experience.