Meet Marianne 

When I was a teenager, I was fortunate to have a stable family and good role models in my life.  While that didn’t necessarily keep me from doing some stupid things and receiving the consequences of those choices, I always knew that I was safe and loved.  Even so, as I look back, I would have benefited from an unrelated, unbiased coach to help me sort out my personal values, life goals, learning style, and personality traits (both good and challenging).  A young adult needs to be given the room to make their own choices while being supported and guided.

I’ve spent the last three decades as a music teacher in various settings (secondary schools and college level, groups and private) and many times found myself mentoring way beyond music. I ventured into the health and wellness space, becoming a master certified health coach in 2017.  In early 2020 I became a certified meditation teacher and in 2021 I completed my certification through Teen Wisdom. I realized that my genuine interest and natural rapport with kids could impact a far greater number of people than my music teaching ever could, including helping to restore harmony to their families.

Today, I thrive on coaching tweens, teens, and young adults to be the best, most authentic and confident people they can be: to be compassionate toward themselves and others while learning about boundaries, to know what is truly important to them, to achieve goals in a manner that brings them the most joy and peace, and to find the people who support them in their efforts.  I feel as if all the puzzle pieces of my own experiences have come together and brought me to this point. I’m honored to help these emerging adults as they explore who they are while navigating a challenging time in life.

I invite you to learn more about my education and experience.