Empowerment Coaching for Teens

Guiding Girls and Young Women to Inner Harmony

It’s not easy being a teenager; it never has been and it never will be.  Today it seems like it’s even harder than we remember from our own childhoods.  The pressure seems to grow every year with school demands, competition for colleges, and constant social media comparison.  The result is a generation of kids who are anxious, socially uncomfortable, more dependent upon their parents, and living with less joy that we did.  How about some pandemic remote learning for extra fun?  It can be relentless.

How can coaching help?

Sometimes an emerging adult needs guidance from a trained, unbiased person who isn’t their parent.  As an Empowerment Coach for Teens, I guide kids to discover their core values, their interests, their strengths and weaknesses, and their future desires.  Our sessions are confidential, safe places to discuss stress management, motivation, academic issues, social dilemmas and other issues that come up during adolescence.  We also laugh a lot along the journey because being a teen is a ridiculously hilarious time in life!

In addition to being a master certified health coach and meditation teacher, I have 30+ years of experience teaching music to teenagers.  While this might make the most steely and tough professional adult run screaming from the room, I actually thrive on it!  This is a group of people that I adore and relate to, probably because I still act like a teenager to some degree.  I remember that awkward stage, feeling grown up one minute and just wanting to hide in my closet the next minute.  I’ve become the coach I wish I’d had.  If you have a teen, let’s talk. Even the most “put together” kid has something they’d like to work out with someone who isn’t their mom or dad.  I’d love to be a part of your child’s successful future.

Reflections from “COVID Conversations”

This weekend I had the pleasure of leading a small group of middle school girls in a “COVID Conversations” workshop. It was my first student workshop that was health-related, rather than music-related. I was excited and nervous but ready. You see, I had finally...

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How much news coverage is too much for my teenager?

This is a touchy subject right now because “news” is everywhere and not all of it is reliable! While we want to raise informed kids, it’s important to monitor the constant stream of information, much of it negative, that comes their way.  The answer to that...

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The Joy of Participation

As I practiced my clarinet today, I had a thought that gave me pause: Many kids today are stuck in a cycle of activities that they would enjoy more if they weren’t always feeling like they had to be “the best” at it.  What happened to doing something for the joy...

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